How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

 Refreshing your closet when the seasons change doesn’t have to be a painful, time-consuming process that involves buying lots of new pieces. Keep these five tips in mind while you embrace the warmer weather:

  1. Brighten things up with a statement spring coat. Since it’s not warm enough yet to venture outside without one, choose a coat that has a tailored fit and a bright colour to help you break out of your winter blues. Try the red DH HD1 willow trench coat from Mark’s, pairing it with dress pants for work and jeans on weekends.
  1. Don’t put away all of your sweaters — yet. Keep a few out because you know a spring breeze will unexpectedly roll in, keeping temperatures chilly. Your sweaters can be used as layering pieces in the morning or with dresses.
  1. Try a cropped pant. Not quite a capri, a cropped pant gives you a spring look without the commitment. These versatile pants are also flattering on every body type. Depending on the weather, pair them with a sweater and booties or a short-sleeve blouse and flats.
  1. Keep your jeans. You may feel like you wore your jeans all winter long, but don’t put them away. Jeans pair well with boots, t-shirts, light jackets and even sandals. Since denim is one of the most versatile fabrics in your wardrobe, you only need to refresh your jean collection with the same pair in a different colour or wash.
  1. Don’t ditch the ankle boot. Even though all winter you wore them with your favourite jeans, try pairing your ankle boots with skirts and dresses for a simple look that’s still polished. It’s an easy way to wear your warm weather clothes when the mornings are still chilly.


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