I’m Obsessed About My Diet Now: Kajol

Kajol looks back at past beauty mistakes and shares how she keeps looking good


Kajol doesn’t believe in mincing words. And can be quite ruthless about pointing out what she believes are her own mistakes as well. For example, she admits that her wig in Dushman is something that she’d like to forget or that she’s lazy when it comes to her beauty routine. That’s just how she is. Here goes…


Since becoming a mother, has your beauty routine changed?

Not really, it’s become just lesser with time. I’m not saying that it was complicated earlier, but it’s definitely become simpler. I feel sometimes I don’t have the time to do everything that I just want to. Or maybe, I just don’t have the patience to do so. I think I’m just lazy!

When you debuted, you didn’t have to look good all the time. Today, with the paparazzi and the fashion policing culture, there’s a change in people’s perspective. Comment.

I think people’s perspective has changed because society has changed. Now, there’s such a big flood of information that you don’t have a choice but see certain things. If you go online, you will automatically get a variety of choices available, internationally speaking as well, and you automatically hold them to those standards. So it’s an automated process within us. It’s not something different or difficult to understand. It’s a change that was probably necessary. We never worked that hard earlier! (Laughs out loud) Now, we work much harder.

You adapted to the change really well…

I think you have to, right? They say that the change is the only thing which is constant in life. So you have to able to adjust to that.

Is age just a number to you?

Honestly, it’s not a number to me. Age is a concept. Age is a feeling. I have seen little children who have old eyes and they have this way of looking like little old men even though they are 4-5 years old. I think age is more about the feeling — the look in the eyes, the way of walking, it’s the weariness of body and spirit that kind of comes across.

Are you worried about the effects of ageing?

Not really! Maybe, at some point of time, I must have thought about it. Then, my doctor recommended Olay which I’ve been endorsing for a few years now. But honestly, I have always had such great role models in front of me like my mother and my grandmother. They have been stunning, beautiful and active, wonderful women. It’s not a consideration that I pay too much attention to.

Are you more conscious of maintaining a diet today?

Of course, I am. I’m definitely more conscious about my diet than I was earlier. I’m more in charge of it, so I plan it. I’m obsessed about it. I’m very conscious about what I eat, where I eat and how much I eat. And I work out as well.

What’s in your make-up bag?

My make-up kit is really simple. It mostly contains a nicely coloured fruity lip balm because I love flavours and a kajal pencil for sure.

Describe your skincare routine..

I drink a lot of water and I think that is very, very important. We minimise the importance of water in our lives. I wash my face at least twice a day and I have to go to sleep with a clean face.

What’s your go-to look for a red carpet event?

Nothing in particular. I don’t have a go-to choice. When my team gives me options, I choose it on one condition. I have to feel that I’m looking the best. I have to believe that when I am looking in the mirror, I can tell myself, ‘Oh my God, I’m looking gorgeous.’

What do you think is sexy, beauty-wise?

Saris are sexy. Women look naturally sexy in peek-a-boo saris. (Smiles)

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve tried in the name of beauty?

I would rather play safe than sorry. So, I haven’t tried too many unusual things.

So you’ve never had any beauty disasters?

Of course I have! (Laughs) But that doesn’t mean that I have to try something completely out of the way. I feel my wig in Dushman was not the best wig in the world for sure! (Bursts out laughing) That wig is something which I look back and I’m like (makes a face). At that point of time, I really thought it worked. I don’t know if I believe that today.


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