Indulge With Healthier Holiday Habits This Season


Between late-night cocktail parties, end-of-year celebrations, and family feasts, bad habits abound during the holiday season. Feel good about enjoying the festivities with these three tips for healthier holiday habits.

  1. Consume treats wisely. A great trick for indulging in your favourite foods while lowering your calorie intake and increasing your nutrients is to eat a small meal before arriving at the event. Have a hearty soup or salad packed with veggies at home and then enjoy that slice of cake or fried app at the party.
  1. Get moving. Instead of trying to fit hitting the gym every day into your busy schedule, use your holiday errands and events to help you squeeze in some exercise. Walk around the mall to find the perfect gift rather than shopping online, run around and play with the kids at your family get-together, and hunt for rustic holiday décor like branches and pinecones on a nature hike.
  1. Stop smoking. A recent survey shows the most common scenarios that trigger cravings are after having a meal, being with friends, and consuming alcohol — situations we often face during the holidays. “For help with all your triggers, try Combination Therapy,” advises family physician Dr. Richard Tytus. “The Nicoderm patch is now authorized by Health Canada for combined use with Nicorette fast-acting products to provide both ongoing support and support to control sudden cravings.”


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