Interior Design Hacks for Your Workspace

How To Enhance Your Workspace for Productivity

We tend to focus on decorating and renovating our home, upgrading our kitchen tiles or investing in luxurious bedding. But we spend most of the day at work, so why not spend some energy enhancing this space? With the right features, you can even become more productive.

Here, Kane Willmott, CEO and founder of iQ Offices, a Canadian coworking company featuring workspaces designed for productivity, breaks down his top tips and tricks that you can try implementing in your own workspace:

Wellness. A more progressive, open mindset recognizes that workers are real people with human needs, and that things like exercise and sleep can have a positive impact on performance. To reflect this, many companies are incorporating treadmill desks, massage rooms and nap rooms into their design. Even if you can’t change this in your office, you can prioritize breaking for lunch and taking a walk.

Nature. Research shows that plants reduce stress and boost productivity. New offices catering to younger people in the workforce have things like living green walls, patios and windows that actually open. But potted plants can work just as well. Add some succulents or fresh flowers that you change up once a week to create a cheerful atmosphere for your desk. 

Noise reduction. A recent survey shows that loud talkers and chatty coworkers are the biggest productivity drains. Fortunately, there are many big and small ways to combat this, like white noise systems, sound buffers, extra soundproofing in the walls, designated quiet rooms and noise-cancelling headphones. Just wearing headphones, even with the music off, signals that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Instagrammable design. While it may seem frivolous, beautiful spaces make us feel happier, which in turns makes us more productive. Modern furnishings, natural light and high ceilings can have an impact, so it’s worth taking time to enhance your aesthetics. Even desk orientation can affect productivity –people tend to work better with their backs to the wall, especially in tech, since it opens up the sightlines and ensures no one can peer over your shoulder to view confidential work.

Source: NewsCanada