Justin Bieber Apologized In The Middle Of His India Concert

Justin Bieber apologizes to his fans.

The pop star stopped in the middle of his concert and apologized to his fans. Here’s why…

Justin Bieber and his Purpose Tour India concert have become the talk of the town and rightfully so. From Bieber’s outrageous demands to his meeting some underprivileged kids, no aspect of his India visit has been left uncovered. In fact, every detail related to it has been grabbing eyeballs.

Now, the concert that took place on Wednesday at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai, had Justin enthralling the teens with his performance. Needless to say, his fans were swooning over him and were all cheery.

Bieber performed in front of a crowd of about 45,000 fans. He began his set around 8 pm. After performing on a few songs, the pop star brought a guitar to play but the moment he flicked his fingers on its strings, the sound that came out was not at all melodious as his guitar was out of tune.

Right after that, Bieber took the mic and apologized to his fans, adding that his guitar went a little out of tune because of the humidity. He even addressed the audience saying, “I am privileged to be here. Tonight’s going to be the best night of your life. You guys are one of the coolest people I have met.”

He also danced on stage with some children while performing on one of the songs from his album Purpose.