Keep the Kids Active This Winter

Extracurricular Activities For Your Kids this Winter

We all have memories of practicing piano, learning to swim or skating for the first time. Like the generation before us, today’s parents are making every effort to create memories for our children. However, the rising cost of these extracurricular activities are forcing some parents to make sacrifices in other areas to ensure their children have those same experiences. Here are some ways to help ease the burden:

Go local. Connect with your local community centre, YMCA and online parent groups to look for lessons, clubs and meet-ups. Often you’ll find parents or older children who are excellent athletes, musicians or artists who want to serve as mentors or teachers.

Try secondhand. Network with local parents and clubs and reach out on social media to find the best deals on gently used equipment. Often there’s unused equipment in relatives’ and friends’ homes that could be borrowed or purchased for less than new. Also, some stores offer rental options for instruments and equipment. 

Find other savings. Look at other ways to save. Making energy upgrades like insulating your attic, upgrading your appliances or weather-stripping your home can help save money every month that can go toward those extracurricular activities.

(Source: NewsCanada)