Keeping The Family Healthy This Winter

With a simple nutritional addition, this could be the year you succeed in keeping the whole family healthy. The secret to a cold and flu-free winter could be incorporating more omega-3s into your family’s diet.

Many of us consume certain types of fats in abundance (omega-6s), thanks to refined vegetable oils used in cooking and processed foods, but very little of others (omega-3s), which are found primarily in cold-water fatty fish. This unbalanced consumption leaves most people deficient in the essential fatty acid omega-3.

An omega-3 deficiency directly impacts the health of the body, including your immune response. A large body of scientific evidence shows that adequate levels of omega-3s in the body promote a healthy immune response.

But it’s difficult to consume enough omega-3s through diet alone, especially for children who are often picky eaters. This is why many families rely on supplements to get the nutrition they need. High quality, purified fish oil is the safest, most effective source of this fatty acid. In general, cod, sardines and anchovies are more sustainable sources. Fish oil from these sources also provides a higher concentration of omega-3s.

Supplements such as Nordic Naturals’ Arctic cod liver oil or Children’s DHA in strawberry-flavoured chewable soft gels are an excellent choice for adults needing omega-3 support for the maintenance of good health

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