Kick Start Your Garden This Summer

Garden Must-Haves for A Successful Season

Most of us are finding new ways to get outside and enjoy fresh air at a safe physical distance from others. One of the most popular activities Canadians are starting up again is gardening. Here are the basics to help both experienced green thumbs and beginner gardeners prepare for a successful growing season.

  • The tools: Having these five items ready will save you time in the back-and-forth to the shed: garden forks, shovels, soil knives, shears, watering can. Invest in a gardening belt to keep these items handy. Make sure you’ve turned the water on for your hose.
  • The outfit: Anything that keeps the ticks and mosquitoes away is essential. Fortunately, Mark’s WindRiver tick- and mosquito-repellent clothing will do just that. This is the only approved tick- and mosquito-repellent clothing and accessories line available in Canada, providing odourless and invisible protection for 70 washes.
  • The products: Growing a garden in Canada has its own set of risks, especially with the predictably unpredictable conditions we face across the country. Study your space to see which areas receive direct sunlight, if daily watering is needed, and how much room the garden has to grow. Decide on which fertilizer, soil and compost options work best for your outdoor conditions, read the seed packages carefully, and dig your holes.

(Source: NewsCanada)