Kiss Product Launch 2017

The 2017 Kiss Product launch revealed some great new products!

Kiss products have always been a personal favourite to me; my absolute favourite has to be their nails, especially the Impress press-on nails!

This year, Kiss has brought various new features and technologies to their products. KISS Products offer a unique opportunity for women; they can achieve salon-like results in the comfort of your own home with groundbreaking, innovative products that retail at accessible price points.

Nail and Lash experts were on site to talk about the new products and technologies available in 2017.

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-2-36-29-pmGina Edwards, Celebrity Manicurist for Kiss Products Inc. brought her creativity and wealth of experience to the brand with DIY tips and nail designs to assist the at-home nail enthusiast. She consistently works behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, editorial shoots, and with celebrities, creating on-trend manicures.

marni-burton-headshotMarni Burton is the Celebrity Makeup Artist for Kiss Products Inc. She discovered a deep passion for make-up artistry and gained a loyal following at a young age. Marni’s work has graced the sets of award-winning filmmakers, photoshoots, branded campaigns, and fashion editorials. Recognized for her keen eye for makeup, she was named one of the Future Faces of Fashion by London’s renowned 1833 Magazine. An exciting addition to the KISS team, Marni brings her expertise in lashes and brows to provide useful tips and tricks to help guide the at-home user with helpful advice on lash application and brow sculpting. Her infectious personality and passion for beauty truly shines in all aspects of her work.

ImPRESS – Press On Nails

broadway_impress_bipd270_package_aug-04-2016-1These nails are perfect for on-the go quick nails. No glue is needed, and they are damage free. The nails stay put and have great accent nails.

This year there is a new Patented SuperHold Dual-Layer Adhesive to the Impress Press-On Manicure. This now includes a double adhesive that delivers double benefits designed with specially formulated adhesion for both the artificial and natural nail allowing for optimal wear. The pressure sensitive adhesive top layer is designed for optimal adhesion to the hard surface of the artificial nail. The pressure sensitive adhesive bottom layer is designed for optimal adhesion to the natural nail, made with a softer, flexible gel adhesive that fills in the ridges & imperfections of your natural nail.

Each package includes 30 nails, including six accent nails, a mini file and prep pad.




Kiss Jewel Accents

ljs01-1The jewel accents are a product everyone can enjoy! They can be placed on one nail or all ten! These Jewel accents are Crystal embossed and can be as small as 0.5 mm. They add sparkle to any manicure!

Kiss Accent Stickers

kas01With the Kiss Accent Stickers, you can make your mani stand out among all your friends! Various stickers in different designs, shapes and sizes are available. Simply peel and press onto nails for a beautiful manicure!

Kiss Salon Acrylic French

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-2-58-30-pmThese natural-looking salon French nails come in a Squoval shape this year! They are Acrylic Infused Technology provided the thickness and strength of a salon acrylic manicure but without the downsides; odor, time, price. The Kiss Salon Acrylic French nails never chip and have strong tips.

Kiss Lash Coture Faux Mink Collection

screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-2-38-12-pmThese lashes are like Mink, only better! This latest lash innovation delivers the unrivaled beauty of a mink lash- plush, voluminous, soft and lustrous, but without the use of mink. The collection has six luxurious lash styles. These lashes have exclusive knot-free lash band which allows for unprecedented layering of lashes. The lashes have a Virtually invisible lash band delivering the most natural looking effect. These lashes include a blend of lash materials and combines human hair and synthetic hair. The lashes have Naturally tapered ends mimic a natural lash. The lashes are super soft and can be reused up to ten times!



Kiss Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive

20161129_140049This year a new adhesive has been launched specially for our Kiss lashes collection. The adhesive is super-strong but also gentle. The adhesive is infused with Biotin and Blueberry Extract to deliver long-lasting hold that will not irritate eyes. Featuring a brush tip for easy application, available in pure white and jet black. This makes the adhesive non-irritant.

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