Knowing Yourself Inside Out

In this day and age, it is made so accessible and easy with just a touch of a finger to capture high quality still pictures that you will look back and laugh about it or put a smile right back onto your face. A Mind Journal kept simple would simply just be an outlet you find every possible ways and reasons to jot down the things that makes you, love yourself more.

It would consists of a list of positive aspects of your strengths and things you love about yourself, following the things you love to do and would love to do and you start to build your list and learn to fall in love with you all over again each time you make an even longer list of all the things and people you love and would love to do in this lifetime.

You will come to notice that as you find more and more things to write, you are filled with more love not only for yourself, but also for things that actually matters to you and people who matters most would be appreciated and carried in the most positive light shining through your unconditional love and eyes.

A journal that specifically documents and keep a whole list of only the things, tasks, experience, memories and people you love and brought love into your life. You can combine it as a gratitude journal too if you are comfortable with writing and list out all the things you feel grateful for every day. Use it as a tool to highlight all the things you have in your life that you can feel blessed and grateful for to shift and adjust your energy level and you can be sure that your frequency will not stray too far away from flying high.

Practicing gratitude elevates our ability to enjoy the mundane day-to-day, yet provides a great opportunity to feel good over and over again. When you feel grateful for your eyes when you open them in the morning, feel appreciation for the birds chirping out-side your windows before the first ray of light shines through, bless the food on your plate (however many meals you take each day) and the feeling of a hot running show-er to start or end your day. You get to plug-in your favourite music on your device, unplug with a good read in your hands, you get to take your physical body with you to go for long walks in the park with your loving pet (or by yourself / with your partner) and finally quality time spent with you and your practicing mind to recharge and replenish.

There are endless things to be grateful for in this moment, right here and now. It is only a matter and difference of choosing to do so. To decide you want to feel grateful and be in appreciation of all the things you have right now instead of shifting your attention to the things you don’t have and open up a whole vortex of negative emotions into your experience all over again. Like I said before, choosing where to put your focus on is key. Knowing how to use it effectively will make or break your decision and outcome.

Knowing yourself is the first step to coming to love yourself more each day without needing someone’s validation or approval all the time for you to feel good or have a sense of self-worth and healthy dose of self-respect just the way you are and meant to be. All your little quirks and oddities, they are all a part of you that makes you one of a kind and unique to the world. You must learn to embrace that instead of looking for another person to “follow” and “imitate” because what looks good on a mannequin does not necessarily mean it fits you just the same.

Have a customized sense of taste in all things big and small that creates moments of joy and happiness for you. No one else but you. When you know yourself inside out, you have no fear or doubts about the choices you make. No amount of negative feed-back in the world can hold you back for what you truly believe in doing or choosing to do when you come to accept yourself completely. That also ultimately means accepting your thoughts, your choices and your decisions you have made which you will come to love as well.


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