Listen To Your Body Through Yoga!

Image Courtesy: Style Craze

‘All problems are illusions of the mind.’ This is a quote I happened to read one day and as I was contemplating over it, there is something that struck me. In most situations, we often tend to focus more on our problems than on the solutions. We give our mind the power to dictate our lives. But how many of us realise that we have the power to live in the now, in the present and keep this pain at bay? For a long time in my life, I too was ignorant until one day I was introduced to the power of yoga…

I call yoga an acquired taste; the reason being it came to me at a later stage in life when I was struggling with a terrible bout of migraine. When no medication relieved me from the pain, yoga healed me. It not only set me free from my prolonged suffering from migraine but also helped me change my outlook towards life completely. I developed a new found control over my mind and body which led me to attain peace within myself.

Being an action hero, sporting a lean and agile body was always important for me but yoga opened my mind to focus on fitness than mere physique. I have always been very disciplined towards my fitness regime. Regular workouts, taking stairs wherever possible and frequent walks are a part of my lifestyle. Being a teetotaller with a disciplined diet has only helped me attain my goal faster. I also do not take any kind of supplements, steroids or protein shakes. Today, yoga is a part of my life and I practise it every single day. I also admire Baba Ramdev for relentlessly preaching the benefits of yoga and introducing it to the world by bringing its benefits to the fore. Many international celebrities also rate yoga over any other form of exercise when it comes to achieving high levels of fitness.

Yoga is the only science in the world with many deep-rooted benefits — it lessens chronic pain such as arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improve respiration and maintain a balanced metabolism. Yoga also surpasses barriers of age as it can be practiced by everyone, be it an eight-year-old kid or an 80-year-old woman. It doesn’t matter which profession you are in, what diet you follow, just say yes to yoga and heal your body and soul.



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