‘Love the Way You Look’

Online Indian Jewellery Boutique Style Savita Launches

Being dressed up in an Indian outfit and jewellery…there’s something about it that has the power to make so many of us feel beautiful. Unfortunately, like many other South Asian women, and women of all cultures, there were also times when we’ve all felt the complete opposite. The hype surrounding fair skin, and a small frame has left many of us feeling shameful and hurt towards ourselves and our appearance. We’ve been stuck on this idea that beauty is just what is on the outside, and that needs to change.

Style Savita is an exclusive and affordable handmade Indian jewellery brand, which has recently launched an online boutique http://www.stylesavita.com. The company’s core purpose is to shape the perception of beauty and inspire you to ‘Love the Way You Look’.

Savita promotes a perception of real beauty, and wants to inspire women. Abhi Patel, a fashion blogger and entrepreneur founded the brand. Abhi tells her story behind the brand, “Savita is my grandmother who has been an inspirational role model in my life – teaching me values and guiding me with principles. I am the person today because of my grandmother’s traits of an independent, courageous and confident women. In the same way Savita has inspired me, I want to inspire women across the world, make them feel beautiful and give them a voice through Style Savita,” said Abhi. She went on to say, “I am so elated about launching a business with values for consumers, the community and collaboration with complimentary brands and individuals”.

Style Savita pledge 5% of profits through their Stand With Savita initiative to support a number of organizations who help vulnerable women and children, and give them a voice to stop trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

Style Savita promotes true beauty and is sending this message to the world, one individual at a time. Whether it’s supporting the organizations that help vulnerable women and children dealing with abuse, trafficking and exploitation, or supporting the women who have always felt too body shamed to feel beautiful in anything…Style Savita’s gorgeous jewellery will make anyone feel beautiful. They are the perfect pieces for Indian bridal wear or for cultural events and looks. It’s amazing how beautiful these pieces are; yet they are also extremely affordable. They also feature temporary henna sticker tattoos, which are a beautiful form of body art. You can feel beautiful inside and out with Style Savita – wearing beautiful pieces, and knowing that your contribution towards Stand with Savita will contribute towards helping others find and feel happiness, which is the truest form of beauty.

These are just a few images of some of my favourite pieces. Check out http://StyleSavita.com for many more beautiful and affordable pieces. Style Savita also ships worldwide (yay!)


Devika round pearl ring


Diya green stone drop earrings


Jaipur pearl beaded matha patti


Chaaya set of 2 pearl bangles


Henna temporary white design sticker tattoo body art design

Jaya Black peacock necklace and earrings

Jaya Black peacock necklace and earrings