Make a Date With Yourself

There is a certain charm associated with February; it is the month when we celebrate St Valentine’s Day, a day that is universally recognized for romance and devotion.

Everything is special about this day. People like to express their love by getting engaged, married, or just revealing their feelings to their partners.

Giving a shape to their feelings in the form of buying gifts for their loved ones is another ritual/tradition people perform on this special day.

Why do we feel the need to express our love by showering affection, buying gifts for the people we love? Is it propelled by a desire to be loved back? Perhaps yes.

Well then, here is an expression you might want to ponder over… “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” –Oscar Wilde

So this February 14th, instead of buying gifts and cards to give to others, why don’t you give all that love to yourself and indulge in some self care and love?

Instead of stressing over buying gifts and booking a spot in the best restaurants, unplug for a day and what better day than Valentine’s Day?

Take a day off. Simplify your schedule and make some ME time.

A spa day is a good idea or keep it simple and take a long, warm soak in your own tub while listening to some soothing music.

Fill your glass with wine, sherry or champagne and sip on it while gazing outside your window.

That box of chocolates you were planning on gifting, open it up and indulge!!

Self-care entails physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Taking care of your emotional well-being begins with, ‘meeting our self’ followed by accepting ‘self’ as we are, with our flaws and strengths.

List out the things you admire about yourself.

Never gave it any thought?

Find that one friend you trust. Try and remember the times he or she tried to cheer you up by listing all the positive traits in you.

You can also do this by remembering the times you achieved something you thought you could never achieve.

The times you overcame your fears, built and propped up your confidence levels by speaking in public, or getting that dream job you thought will never get.

Try walking that path of all the ‘feel good’ moments you encountered.

Mental grooming plays a big part in self care and self love therefore taking care of our mind is very important.

Learn to quiet your mind. This helps in having a better focus and setting realistic goals. Yoga, meditation, soothing music are few suggestions.

Value yourself and surround yourself with people who are positive and energize you.

Learn tips to sharpen your mind and indulge in activities that will feed and develop your brain.

I read somewhere that attention is the master of your brain. So pay heed to where attention is taking you.

Last but not the least, remind your mind, say this to your brain—self-love does not mean indulging too much in self. It is called nurturing provided by you towards yourself. It is treating yourself kindly and lovingly just like you would treat others.

They say, unless you love and approve yourself, you cannot truly love others.

Now, how about showing some of that love to yourself on the day considered to be the most romantic?