Make the Most out of Your Smartphone

Smartphones haven’t been ‘just a phone’ for a long time. There are many features available today but there are a few things to consider when picking the right device to ensure the best experience. Here’s a quick look at the ways in which people are using their smartphone:

As a DSLR:

Unless you are an avid or professional photographer, gone are the days of needing to carry around a full sized camera. Today’s smartphones have advanced camera technologies that rival the picture quality of traditional DSLRs and allow for additional features and effects. The new LG G5 has dual cameras on the rear with a wide angle lens. It can capture a wider angle than the human eye. An innovative modular design transforms the smartphone into a digital camera with the connection of the LG CAM Plus, providing better grip and stability.

As a video camera:

Smartphones have sent camcorders into oblivion. The video capabilities on new devices offer clear picture quality, and can easily capture spontaneous videos making it simple to upload directly to YouTube and to share on social media apps. The LG G5 has a recording capability of 4K and you will never have to miss a funny moment or milestone such as a child’s first steps with features like video zoom.

As an accessory:

Smartphones have become an extension of our lives and you want your phone to look as good as any accessory you choose. A sleek design doesn’t come at the expense of basic function with the LG G5’s easy battery replacement and expandable memory up to 2TB. Look for a phone that offers the style you crave while still being able to swap out and charge the battery.

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Source: NewsCanada