Marie Kondo’s Three-Step Approach For Living in Sync

Organization has been a lifelong passion for Marie Kondo. Since the age of five, the author, entrepreneur, and founder of the KonMari method has made it a priority to streamline her living space and surround herself with things that bring her joy.

Now, many years and a global reputation later, Kondo is bringing this passion to her latest project as an ambassador for Activia’s newly launched Live #InSync initiative. The project was created to inspire women to align their body and mind and strive for their best every day.

Part of Kondo’s role in the project will be to curate a book that features a collection of real-life stories of how contemporary women find ways to feel at one with themselves, be in the moment, and convey what it means to Live InSync. Submissions close December 31, 2016; find more information at

As Kondo prepares to sift through the stories of real women from around the world, she shares her top three pieces of advice for living in the moment.

  1. Look inwards. The first step involves understanding yourself and what gives you pleasure. Ask yourself what you want and what is important to you. “One of the biggest things that can hold women back is not knowing what makes them happy,” says Kondo. “Being aligned involves having your priorities in order and being able to judge what’s most important.”
  1. Get your living space in order. “Your physical environment has a direct impact on your emotional wellbeing,” she explains.
  1. Learn from the experiences of others. In Kondo’s case, her paternal grandmother served as motivation to organize the world. “I was inspired by how she treated her objects with the utmost care. She had a very strong sense of herself, and that is how I want to live.”


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