Men’s Winter Essentials

Ladies – I don’t know about you – but for me, it’s just as important to keep my man looking and feeling as good as I am. With that being said, the dramatic change of weather has got us scurrying for essentials to keep us warm yet fashionable all at the same time. There are a few accessories that the entire male race needs to surpass this cold season.


Let’s get real – there is no right or wrong way of wearing a beanie. These days – it all comes off as equally stylish no matter how you rock it. Not only do these caps keep you warm, but they are the perfect winter accessory to add some pizzazz to your ensemble.

Combat Boots
Foot wear is extremely important throughout this senseless climate as we’re faced with obstacles such as snow and ice and Lord knows what else. For unpredictable times, combat boots will not fail your snow shoveling man. These militant boots are versatile and can work with any type of uniform.

Scarves are the best kinds of accessories because they allow you to experiment with different styles while adding your own personal style to your look. They come in prints, solids and a variety of shapes. OK YES – scarves keep you cozy, but I really feel like you can decipher a truly fashionable person from a decently dressed one.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but gloves have recently got more functional AND trendy. They’re no longer five finger hand coverings, but are now these mittens turn gloves turn wrist warmers. So embrace the diverse variations and load up on as many as you can.


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