Modern-Day Family Reunion

Make your next gathering one that everyone will remember.

Learn how to plan a modern-day family reunion.

With its beautiful lakes, picturesque plains and incredible coastlines, Canada offers a spectacular backdrop for summertime gatherings.  Canadians are game to gather as well. In fact, more than eight out of 10 of us want to connect in person with family and friends more often according to a recent study released by Catelli Pasta in honour of its shared 150th birthday with Canada. Whether you’re planning an impromptu gathering with long-time friends, an annual get-together with relatives or a festive night with neighbours, there are simple ways to make it memorable. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Get creative with the name. “Family” means different things for everyone — it’s not always a shared last name. Have fun with the invite by giving the event a name that has meaning for the group. And quirky reunion slogans never go out of style – ‘reunited and it feels so good!’
  2. Add a touch of nostalgia. #ThrowbackThursday is a trending hashtag for a reason — people love to remember where they came from. Excite guests in the weeks leading up to the event by sharing some classic photos on social media.
  3. Make festivities fun. Take a cue from a cherished pastime and leave a Polaroid camera alongside the guest book for family members to snap a fun picture to include with a personal message. Hosts can even create a catchy hashtag where everyone can capture the action on Instagram and reminisce post celebration.
  4. Celebrate with a local-inspired menu. A resounding eight out of 10 Canadians want to cook with more fresh, local or regional ingredients. For a twist on a traditional potluck, challenge guests to cook with their favourite local ingredients.
  5. Introduce pasta apps. Put a twist on everyone’s favourite pasta dishes by making them mini. Pre-twirl spaghetti on appetizer forks, bake macaroni and cheese in a muffin tin or serve pasta salad in tiny mason jars. Pasta apps are great because they can be made in a big batch ahead of your big bash.

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Courtesy of: News Canada