New Diabetes Support Now On Your Smartphone

For the 11 million people in Canada living with diabetes or pre-diabetes, learning how to manage their disease becomes a focus in their lives. A diagnosis of diabetes is often perceived as a life sentence – there is a sense of loss of freedom in lifestyle choices. Coping with and managing diabetes can be challenging, as it entails sticking to a strict regimen, compounded with information overload particularly for insulin users.

Manufacturers of needles, insulin injector pens, and blood glucose meters continuously innovate to bring new products to the market that make it easier to manage diabetes for those afflicted. Anyone living with diabetes has been told the importance of monitoring their blood glucose levels, and people often rely on their blood glucose meters as an essential tool for keeping them on track.

In an age when technology makes everyday life easier for the masses, innovations in blood glucose device technology are bringing connected health solutions to the Canadian diabetes community. New tools such as the Accu-Chek Connect system with Bluetooth capability make it easy to get accurate blood glucose readings, share and analyze stored data in a single, convenient device. The system comes with an app downloadable on iOS and Android platforms and an online portal which lets users access and share data with loved ones and healthcare providers in real time. Getting support and advice is literally at their fingertips.

Those looking for a better way to manage their diabetes can now benefit from smart technology and a web-based approach that enables meaningful and personalized actions to be taken for positive outcomes and self-care.

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