New Tech Tool Promises to Help You Stick to Your Goals

You set a new goal—work out, read more, make time to see certain people—but, inevitably, with your busy schedule, it falls off the priority list. Life can make it hard to stick to a strict schedule. One possible fix? A new feature from Google Calendar called Goals. On your Android or iPhone’s Google Calendar app, you can set a personal goal, choose how often you want to do it and the duration of the task or activity, and also set a preference for the time of day. The calendar will search your schedule for any openings and automatically reserve time for that goal.

The new feature is also smart enough to deal with any last-minute changes and persistent enough to urge you to achieve your goals. The calendar will automatically find a new time for the activity or task if you have an unexpected conflict or if you decide to postpone. Like many smartphone features that can be personalized, the more you use it, the more it will be tailored to your preferences.