Niminimi Spreads The Gift Of Giving With #Whatsyourcharity

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start putting your shopping list together. Finding the right gift doesn’t always come as easily to some people. But what if the giving could be done for you?

Montreal-based designer Nimi Nanji-Simard, not only shares stories through style, but also the encouragement to raise awareness and support for both local and global causes.

To encourage as many to participate, for the upcoming holiday period and beyond, #WHATSYOURCHARITY represents the act of giving, and a little more. Ms. Nanji-Simard has committed herself to help raise funds by donating 30% of her sales to any charity of a customer’s choice. “Giving is the ultimate luxury,” says Nimi.

NimiNimi, was founded in 2016 after a stint in Kenya working as buyer for a chain of luxury hotels. Travels around the world inspired her to create a line of luxury silk scarves. Each design has a special meaning and story to it. The scarves have gone beyond fashion as the brand primarily collaborates with charitable organizations including Friends of Unicef, UNICEF, UNHCR, Heart and Stroke, True Patriot Love and others, supporting causes of the customer’s wish.

Hand-rolled in Italy, and made of 14 Momi silk, there are currently twelve scarves in the collection to choose from, with new designs coming up, available in both large and pocket versions.