Nine Months On, Nine Months Off

Search the Internet, magazine racks, or your local bookstore, and you will find tons of information about losing baby weight. Titles like “Flat Abs Fast!” or “Baby Belly Be Gone!” can be found at every turn. And still, lots of women struggle to get back to the shape they were in before they had kids. So what’s the deal?

There are truths to losing the weight you gained when you were pregnant – and “Flat Abs Fast!” isn’t one of them.

  • It took you nine months to put on that weight, so don’t expect to get it off in nine days. Give yourself a break when it comes to losing weight. Eat healthy and exercise when you can so you have the energy to look after your growing family. Don’t stress about the weight unless your doctor tells you it’s a medical concern. Let go of unrealistic expectations, and be gentle with yourself.
  • If you weren’t running marathons before you were pregnant, you’re not going to run one right now. Start light and easy. Don’t think that because your exercise isn’t very strenuous, that it isn’t worth doing. Moving is always better than not moving. So go for a walk if you can’t go for a run. Go for a swim if your knees hurt when you bike. Put on your favourite music and dance. Just start moving.
  • As much as you can, try to eat home-cooked food. It’s going to take a little effort, a little help – but you can do it. Remember this isn’t just for you anymore. You have to take care of that demanding little one! He needs you to be healthy and strong, and that starts with the fuel you put in your body.

Keep moving forward, and keep your eye on the prize – a strong healthy “mommy” who will be there to raise a strong healthy baby. It takes some time, and it takes some work. And it’s all worth it.