Oil Cleansers

When it comes to facial cleansers there are many options to choose from; foam, wipes, gel, soap, scrubs and now oil. We have all seen the oil cleanser on the shelves – but how can oil clean your face?

Most oil-free cleansers strip our skin of natural oils, leaving it unbalanced and causing it to produce more oil to rebalance it. Excess production equals more problematic skin. Oil cleansers keep the skin’s natural pH balance, therefore preventing production overload.

One of the best Canadian all natural skincare lines “Leaves of Trees” has just launched a new facial cleansing oil that promises to boost your skin’s natural glow. It is free of harsh, moisture-stripping chemicals and artificial fragrances often found in other cleansers. Leaves of Trees natural Facial Cleansing Oil dissolves impurities as it sweeps away dirt, oil and makeup, leaving skin soft, clean and moisturized. Created with a unique blend of active oils—including Argan, turmeric, rosehip and castor oils, expertly sourced by brand founder, Dr. Roohi Qureshi—the Facial Cleansing Oil soothes and heals the delicate facial skin. Leaves of Trees, facial cleansing oil is available in three sizes: 5 ml at $5.00, 50 ml at $40.00 and 100 ml at $70.00.

Still not sure this is for you? I’ve broken down the pros and cons, but really the only way you know for sure is to give it a try!



Clears up acne

Adds moisture back to dry skin

Gives you a soft, radiant glow

It whisks away makeup in a flash

It doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils



Can be a little pricey

Takes about a week for your skin to adjust to the boost of oil


Check out this video to learn more about this great product: http://goo.gl/HTO2M5