Organization Tricks: Make Your Home Feel Twice as Big

Organizing your home is just a natural part of spring cleaning, but sometimes, you end up with odds and ends you are not sure where to keep, or how to sort. Once you are done scrubbing and dusting, try out these tips to clear the clutter and help prevent a new mess from forming.


  1. Use kitchenware in unexpected places. Bathroom and beauty supplies are often a hassle to organize, so think outside the box and use items you keep around the kitchen. A tiered cake stand makes for a great, compact sorter of cotton ball jars, hair clips, creams and other odds and ends. Meanwhile, cutlery organizers are perfect for arranging makeup and wine racks are ideal for storing hair products in tight spaces.


  1. Label everything. Get rid of bulky packaging in the kitchen, linen closet and your arts and crafts box by keeping everything in neat, stackable containers. Easily find what you are looking for by creating customizable labels with paper crafting products from Stampin’ Up! Add your own personal touch and decorate with the many stamps, paper, ink pads, ribbon, tools and markers the company offers.


  1. Develop a spice rack strategy. These versatile little jars have more uses than simply storing paprika. Sort nuts and bolts in the garage; buttons, beads and thread in your craft room; or rings and bobby pins at the vanity. A spice rack is a great way to neatly store jewellery, nail polish, and books or magazines.


  1. Create picture-perfect frames. Upcycle old frames to declutter your mind and space. Get rid of post-it notes everywhere by painting the glass with chalkboard paint and use as a message board. Or, remove the glass and put a corkboard backing to tack up mail and grocery lists. Create a DIY white board by putting a piece of Stampin’ Up!’s Designer Series Paper where the picture would normally go, and replace the glass. Have a dry erase marker nearby to make the board easy to use.


  1. Choose minimalist furniture. Furnishing your home with items that have simple lines and few nooks and crannies will ensure you are constantly editing what you own, donating or discarding things you no longer need, and only keeping what you use on a regular basis. For example, try shelves instead of enclosed bookcases and a stool or planter for a nightstand.



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