Outdoor Workout: Small or Big

Woman running in park in the city

Different workout routines to do outside

Once the nicer weather has arrived we start to see everyone outside and all people seem to talk about is ‘how nice it is outside’. After long winter months we all crave the fresh air and the outdoors. So, don’t for a second think about doing your workout inside except for a rainy day.

No matter how much time you have, 5 minutes or 60 minutes just take your workout outside and enjoy the fresh air. You do not have to hike up to the park, try your deck or your backyard. Anywhere outside will do!

You can do anything your heart desires; go for a brisk walk or a jog. However, if you are looking for a specific workout try one of the below ‘no equipment’ workouts. Remember you control how long your workouts are; if you have 5-10 minutes then go through the exercises once around for 30 to 45 seconds. If you have more time, then cycle

through the exercises 2 or 3 times and you can always do more than one workout. You also control the intensity of your workout, if you are just starting out then modify each exercise.

Before starting any exercise program make sure you are warmed up. You can march on the spot or walk around and do some shoulder and arm rolls.

At the end of each workout (except the yoga program) make sure to stretch out all the major muscles of your body.


Workout 1: Lower body

Jog on the spot


Alternating reverse lunges



Kick front with right leg – Squat – kick front with left leg – Squat


Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and cycle through the exercises 3 times. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.


Workout 2: Core (you can lie on the grass and do this workout)

Basic crunch

Reverse crunch





Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and cycle through the exercises 3 times. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.


Workout 3: Cardio

Jog on the spot

Jumping jacks

High knees

Hop on the spot and side to side

Alternating lunges


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, resting 15 seconds between each exercise. Repeat through the cycle 3 times through. Rest for 60 seconds between each cycle.


Workout 4: Full-body rounds

Round 1

12 push-ups

30 seconds jog

12 chair/bench triceps dips


Round 2

30 seconds wall-sit

12 jump squats

12 alternating reverse lunges


Round 3

30 seconds plank

25 bicycles

25 scissors


Complete each round 3 times and then move to the next round. If you are pressed for time complete each round once.


Workout 5: Yoga

Forward bend


Upward dog

Pigeon (right knee forward)

Childs pose

Downward dog

Warrior 1 (right leg forward)

Chair pose


Repeat from the top with left leg forward.  Hold each pose for 30 seconds or longer. Throughout the workout take deep breaths, inhale as your stomach comes out and exhale as your stomach goes in.


For a cooldown walk around and make sure your heart rate is back to normal before stretching. Remember there are lots of exercises options outside, so get outside and enjoy the nice weather.