Plan for the fun of summer – even on a budget

There is no shortage of exciting activities throughout the summer, but if you aren’t properly budgeting, you could be missing out. From festivals to road trips, picnics to pool parties, these plans often have a huge impact on our wallets. Interac Association offers some helpful tips on money management, for a budget-friendly summer.

  • Invest in your hobby. If there’s something you love doing like going to the zoo, local pool or golf course, consider getting a membership. You may be able to reduce your spending per visit this way.
  • Plan a barbecue or picnic. This is a great way to hang out with friends and family while staying on budget. Make a list of the foods you need based on the recipes you plan to cook; this will help prevent you from picking up unnecessary ‘extras’ when shopping.
  • Consider a staycation. Instead of worrying about exchange rates and foreign currency, now may be the perfect time to stay local. Get out and explore more of your own neighbourhood, city, or province. Activities like hiking and camping are low cost, and lots of fun.
  • Be cautious with your credit card. Those small everyday purchases can add up, and if you don’t pay the full bill when it arrives, you’ll end up paying more for what you bought. This is a why using Interac Debit is a better way to stay on budget. It offers more security than carrying cash and debit is about using the money you have at present, so you can track spending in real time.
  • Find the free stuff. Check out your local community paper for free events like concerts, street festivals and outdoor activities. These can be a great way to spend an evening with friends, family or neighbours without overspending.
  • Plan your big expenses. When you do make a big purchase, be sure to do some research and plan ahead. Spontaneous trips, for example, can be expensive. Always look for the best travel deals first, shop around for accommodations, and look online for great tips from locals.

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