Prep Your Car For Summer Road Trips Celebrating Canada’s 150th

Warmer weather means picking a spot on the map and gathering friends or family for an old fashioned road trip. And with Canada’s 150th anniversary, this summer is the perfect time to hit the road and discover Canadian sights. Here’s how you can get your vehicle ready for a long a drive.

  1. Pack an entertainment kit. This tip is especially important if you have kids. Fill a backpack with fun things to do while you’re on the road, like crossword and puzzles, books and magazines. Prepare a playlist with music everyone likes that can chill you out or amp you up, depending on what the situation calls for. If your passengers are planning on watching movies or shows, download them to your tablet or laptop in advance so you don’t use up all your cellphone data.
  2. Stay safe. Safety is a number one priority on every road trip, so make sure your car is up to date with its scheduled maintenance. Confirm that your auto insurance is in place and that you have everything you need to change a tire in case you get a flat. Don’t forget to map out your route — including stops — before leaving, and double check if any hazardous weather is expected.
  3. Make the interior clean and comfy. Did you know outside air filled with road dust, pollen and odours can enter through your car’s air conditioning system? These particles can make people cough, wheeze and be short of breath. So keep your air fresh with a cabin air filter that cleans the air entering the vehicle’s interior. The FRAM Fresh Breeze cabin air filter can remove up to 98 per cent of dirt, dust and allergens from the incoming air. It is the only cabin air filter that uses the natural deodorizing qualities of Arm & Hammer baking soda and activated carbon to absorb and eliminate odours.


SOURCE: News Canada