Punjabi By Nature Founder Back With New Single

Tony Singh is a JUNO Award-nominated writer, performer, and bhangra septet of Punjabi By Nature and the creator / producer behind Sirens of Shanti. His musical training started young, with school day introductions to the saxophone before becoming self-taught in a variety of instruments and playing percussion with a variety of bands throughout the 1970s.

As Tony’s musical education expanded, he created unique combinations of music, one of which ultimately resulted in the band Punjabi By Nature — a collaborative effort that brought various influences from around the world together into one musical package.

Sirens of Shanti is the JUNO Award-nominated writer, performer, and part of bhangra septet of Punjabi By Nature Tony Singh’s newest musical endeavour. After Punjabi By Nature disbanded, Singh took some time away from the scene to travel and learn more about indigenous forms of music.

“Technology has allowed us to fulfill our musical dreams,” says Tony Singh, the award-winning artist and producer behind Sirens Of Shanti. “It has allowed us to collaborate with musicians all around the globe, starting in California, Canada, Turkey, and India.”

When it was time to come back, he knew it had to be different. “I wanted to do this again, but I wanted to make it more aggressive,” he recalls. “I wanted to bring in organic instruments — violins, and the mandolin, sarangi, dilruba, bansuri, tomb, and algoze.”

“Punjabi By Nature always kept within our comfort level,” he continues. “Sirens of Shanti represents more experimentation and diversity.”

“On the one side, metal guitars on top of dance beats, and on the other side, organic instruments. It can be a challenging mix, but it’s artistically fulfilling creating new sounds of ancient musical traditions blended with current Canadian styles.”

You can catch Sirens of Shanti at Vibrant Brampton, Lot #3 of Sheridan College’s Davis Campus, this July 28th at 8:00 p.m.