Relay For Life


Cancer is a devastating disease. In 2015 alone, 196,900 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer. That means that every 3 minutes, one Canadian heard the words “you have cancer.”

Each person that faces it – along with their loved ones has a tough fight and journey. The Relay for Life is all about making that fight and journey a little easier. Every dollar they raise goes towards research, care and prevention.

Terry Attrell was diagnosed with an abnormal tumor on her kidney as a result of Leiomyosarcoma – a rare, malignant and aggressive form of cancer in 2013. Terry went through numerous exhausting, nauseating chemotherapy and radiation sessions, Terry was one of the lucky ones that fought back and survived. Since then she has continued her battle against cancer by volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Terry participates in Relay for Life to thank God for all He has done for her. She also honours the memory of some of the special people in her life who lost their lives to cancer.

Her goal is to do something positive by coming together with her community and raising funds for cancer research and support services that will make a huge difference for people who are fighting the battle.  “We relay because we care, we want to bring hope and love into this battle against cancer.”

If you are interested in taking part in this great fundraiser visit

Search for your event location, choose your participation type, then create a Canadian Cancer Society account and follow the rest of the registration prompts.

“Every voice, every step, every gift will make a difference for the future of us all. Thank you.” – Terry