Returning to Classrooms Safely and with Confidence

No one is certain what this school year will look like. But one thing parents, students and teachers can do is make sure they’re prepared to face any obstacle. Health and Safety will play a large and important role when returning to school this year. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for students for as they return to school:

Remember to practice good hygiene: Now is a perfect time to stress good hand-washing skills. At home, remind little ones to practice handwashing for at least 20 seconds each time. They can sing happy birthday or another song verse that lasts 20 seconds to make it fun and memorable. While it may be difficult to teach kids not to touch their face, consistent reminders are a good way to help them remember as best they can. When they’re back in the classroom, they’ll take these lessons with them.

Physically distance when possible: Teaching kids that they have to stand two metres apart from each other is difficult, especially when they have friends they haven’t seen in months. Explaining that everyone is keeping their distance to keep their friends and families safe is key to helping young kids understand. Give them an example to visualize what two metres looks like, like a hockey stick or the height of a door. This way, when they return to classrooms, they’ll understand the guideline.

Be equipped with the right supplies: Students will need many unexpected essentials on their back-to-school list this year. In addition to a new backpack and pencil case, facemasks, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies will also be on the shopping list. Make facemask shopping fun by choosing a trendy design that kids will be excited to sport. Equip them with multiple hand sanitizers so when one gets lost, they have quick access to another. Staples Canada has taken some of the work out of deciding the right health and safety items for back-to-school with their new school kit, that includes supplies like trendy facemasks and useful hand sanitizers.

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(Source: NewsCanada)