Revlon Youth FX™ Fill + Blur

Look Younger In Seconds.

Revlon is taking a new multi-faceted approach to anti-aging to meet the needs of nearly 80% of women who feel younger and believe themselves to look younger than their true age.

They have introduced NEW Revlon Youth FX™, a revolutionary group of anti-aging products to help make you look as young as you feel by dramatically transforming the look of lines and wrinkles instantly. Since all wrinkles are different, Revlon has designed targeted products, to be used in combination or alone, to target every concern area from the forehead to the neck.

Like most women over 30 the wrinkles and brown spots start appearing in the mirror and we aren’t ready to accept them.  Revlon’s Youth FX is the newest affordable product line set to take on this battle. So what are these products and how do they work?

There are 4 new products – Blur primer, Blur concealer, Blur primer for face/neck and Blur foundation. Each product contains powerful formulas developed with Fill + Blur technology that are designed to not only blur, but fill in wrinkles and instantly correct the visible signs of aging.

The products with their special formulas are said to fill in the visible wrinkles and create a smooth, even skin surface that move and bend with the skin. The formula’s unique combination of soft focus powders scatters light, “blurring” the wrinkle and making it less visible. The result is skin that looks younger in seconds.

In addition to instantly making your skin look younger, Youth FXTM formulas are created to:

  • Work in harmony with one another to create the optimal look
  • Move with skin for a comfortable feel all day
  • Stay looking freshly applied all day and don’t settle into lines

I’ll be giving these products a try to see how well they work – stay tuned for updates!