Sahajan: The Key to an Ayurvedic Inspired Beauty Regime

I love testing and trying out new products for my beauty routine, such as those pertaining to my makeup, hair, and most importantly…skincare! A good skincare routine is key if you want to age gracefully, have a clear, minimized pore complexion, keep hydrated, and most importantly – get rid of those annoying, prominent dark circles!

I’m sure I’m not alone on this one – my skin is super sensitive. When trying out new products, I am always afraid that my sensitive skin may be at risk in one way or another, since there are about a billion chemicals in literally every product we use. Sensitive skin, or not, does it really make sense to be throwing on a bunch of chemicals onto our skin, which gets absorbed? Lately, I have been trying to find new products that have an organic approach to giving the same results as that $5.99 chemical filled moisturizer does. I love the results of my at-home Ayurvedic inspired beauty/skin care treatments that have been passed down to us for generations, all the way from back in India. However, I haven’t really found a beauty line, here in North America, which includes Ayurvedic inspired, organic products. Lo and Behold… Sahajan.

Sahajan is exactly what you and I have both been searching for. It’s a Toronto-based, Ayurvedic inspired, organic, holistic brand, which includes skincare products, as well as hair care products. Founder, Lisa Mattam, a former pharmaceutical executive, developed Sahajan as a way to provide balance in hectic modern lifestyles. Mattam and her team of Canadian scientists collaborated with Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala, India, to develop the line. Real, natural ingredients, such as: coconut, almond, sesame, Amla Indian Gooseberry, Gotu Kola and more are included in the products. What’s amazing is that these natural products contain so much goodness and many vitamins that will make you glow from within, not just temporarily through the sole use of chemicals. I love how Lisa Mattam was able to develop this line with this thought in mind, “I wondered, why was I willing to put something on my own skin that I wouldn’t want on my child’s?” It doesn’t matter how old you may be, skin is meant to be protected, and taken care of in the best way possible.

Now…lets get to the best part – the products! To discover more about Sahajan, refer to the information below.

The Sahajan collection contains the following products:


Protective Face Serum; retailing at $70.00 – This serum helps to repair and restore your skins natural beauty, brighten the look of your skin and improve the appearance of fine lines


Nourish Face Cream; retailing at $60.00 – This face cream helps to brighten and protect skin from environmental toxins, with Ayurvedic antioxidant remedies in a hydrating formula.


Restorative Eye Cream; retailing at $45.00 – This eye cream helps to banish dark circles, and protect, and restore the skin around the eyes with a soothing blend of natural actives and rich oils.


Nurture Hair Oil; retailing at $50.00 – This hair oil helps to nourish, repair and protect hair with essential Ayurvedic ingredients that have been used for centuries, to restore damaged hair and protect the scalp.


Ritual Body Oil; retails at $55.00 – This body oil helps to hydrate and restore the skin’s natural glow, while soothing away tension with traditional Ayurvedic massage therapy ingredients.

Group_4_Pouch1Sahajan Discovery Kit; retails at $50.00 – This kit contains five mini products, and a natural wood compact mirror all in a stylish linen makeup bag. This option is perfect for those who want to experience the entire Sahajan experience.

Sahajan is available at:, Innate Wellness in Toronto, Homesmith, Bhavana Yoga Boutique, Halifax, and soon to be across the U.S in November at

I can’t wait to try out some of these products soon, and see the promising results. I love Ayurvedic inspired ANYTHING, and I think it’s amazing how it’s becoming so well known and widely used, especially for my favourite kind of products now (beauty, of course).

For more information on Sahajan or its founder/developer, Lisa Mattam, visit, or stay updated on the vlog series by Coral TV, following Lisa’s journey bringing Sahajan to the market.