See How Women Are Challenging Trump’s Supposed Idea of “Dressing Like a Woman”

A new report by Axios (a media company created by the co-founder of Politico) says that female staffers working on the Trump campaign felt pressured to wear dresses because he likes them to “dress like women.” Following these reports, women across the world are posting photos of what it really means to dress like a woman with the #dresslikeawoman hashtag. Not all women should be required to wear heels, skirts, and dresses at their workplace, and many of them can’t because of their jobs.

Today, women are athletes, doctors, firefighters, members of the military, and belong to so many other professions that are much more important than the clothes they wear. Trump’s allegedly narrow view of what a woman is supposed to look like reinforces the antiquated and misogynistic views he touted throughout his campaign.

Read on to see how people are challenging Trump’s perception of women on Twitter.