Share The Love: Valentine’s Day With The Kids

During the cold winter month of February, Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder love is all around us. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate with the kids this year – and they won’t result in a sugar rush! Instead, these fun tips will focus on spending quality family time together and creating lasting memories.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Cards: Let your kids to be creative this Valentine’s Day by making personal cards together. Set aside time to visit your local store, to grab essentials like construction paper, stickers and craft scissors. At home, lay out all the supplies and get started! Encourage kids to think of a special message for each person or share a memory with a drawing.
  1. Make-Your-Own Furry Friend: Plan a visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop where the family can customize their own furry friends! Guests are involved in each stage of the creative process
    from selecting a furry friend, to helping stuff it and creating a birth certificate. For a truly one-of-a-kind gift include a personalized message on a Build-A-Sound® recordable sound chip.

For Valentine’s Day, Build-A-Bear Workshop has launched the Sweet Scent Collection featuring the Sweet Scent Teddy, Sweet Scent Panda and Sweet Scent Leopard, all with candy-scented fur! This month, guests can also make a donation to Save the Children’s Journey of Hope Program to help provide children across Canada with school and community programs.

  1. Cooking together: Stay in as a family and cook a Valentine’s Day themed dinner. Involve the kids by planning the meal together a few days before. Be sure to include red and white colours throughout the meal, and carve out as many themed shapes as possible – heart shaped grilled cheese anyone? Don’t forget the strawberries for dessert!