Shravan Kumar Exclusive – Vancouver Fashion Week

VFW 2014-09-18 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_4290Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy has carved a niche for himself as one of India’s highly acclaimed fashion designers. Since graduating from London School of Fashion Designing with a specialization in color psychology, he has conjured magic with fabrics.

Kumar’s mantra is “Fashion is Religion. Fashion may fade but style persists. Style cannot be taught, it can only be cultivated, it is inborn.”

A true craftsman who belongs to an emerging generation of research driven designers, Kumar stands apart from more traditional designers. He involves himself and his team in a rigorous research oriented approach towards creating cutting edge trends and designs. His collections usually reflect his way of approach to life that is traditional, yet magnificent and awe inspiring.VFW 2014-09-18 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_4259

Rameswamy is known for his humanitarian approach to the fashion industry.  He has helped generate employment opportunities while fighting poverty by cultivating bio-degradable and eco friendly products in rural India as well as through his annual  “AN ODE TO WEAVES & WAVERS”, an annual show which showcases over a 100 weavers that are part of ‘The Society of Aalayam’.   He credits these weavers with putting his unique designs on a pedestal over fellow couture creators because of the weavers’ original and intricate work.

VFW 2014-09-18 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_4586


Shravan Kumar draws his inspiration from the sheer volume and beauty of ethnic Indian designs that reflects an amalgamation of colour, texture and luxury. For him, ‘Haute Couture’, ‘prêt-a-porter’ or ‘Mass Market’ fashion should be avant-garde and stunningly woven with structure and aesthetic craft while still focusing on comfort. SHRAVAN KUMAR, has therefore become a brand synonymous with cutting edge fashion that delivers glamour, class and style while still having ease and wearability.


Last month, Shravan Kumar showcased his latest collection at Vancouver Fashion Week, offering a fashion feast for Indo-Canadian and fusion fashion lovers.  The event’s producer and founder, Jamal Abdourahman, was thrilled that the growth of VFW showcased the breadth of creative talent from the new as well as returning designers. “The number of designers choosing to show at VFW has doubled in the past four years.”VFW 2014-09-18 Photo By Dale Rollings IMG_4342


Since the show’s first year in 2001, Jamal has consistently elevated the status drawing top and undiscovered international talents and aligning them with the events long-term growth and development. The goal is simple; provide a diverse international team, dream big and provide an accessible platform for which emerging talent can gain international exposure to promote and sell their product.


Shravan Kumar was certainly a highlight at VFW.  When it comes to true Indian traditional wear, there is no match to his innovation and calibre. Be it a sari / lehenga / sherwani / band gala; he holds expertise in transferring his true essence of the tradition in his garments. More than a designer, he involves himself and his team into a rigorous research oriented approach towards creating new trends and designs every season.

Shravan Stitched

Photos courtesy of Vikki Mannik.