Sidharth Malhotra Gets Candid About Intimate Scenes With Jacqueline Fernandez In ‘A Gentleman’

Sidharth Malhotra(GQ India)

The actor also talks about the diverse canvas of his films.

Sidharth Malhotra is a content man these days. He is happy with his line-up of films. He has toyed with various genres including comedy, romance, action and thrillers, since his debut with Student Of The Year (2012). In the next few months, he has three films lined up — A Gentleman in August, followed by Ittefaq in November and Aiyaary in January. In a freewheeling chat with After Hrs, he talks about working nonstop and picking off-the-wall projects…

You have a busy year ahead. Do you like it this way or do you prefer to have a gap between your films?

I like this because these are the years when I can push myself physically, mentally, emotionally and do more work. Last year, I had only two releases; in the next one year, I will have three to four. I’m very excited and I’m enjoying managing time. All these are scripts that I wanted to do. I’m not doing them to fill up my dates. It’s great that I’m able to juggle all of them. I’m happy that I will have some quality products that also offer variety. Also, the range I’m getting to do — from a murder mystery to an action comedy to a thriller, they are all unique in their own way.

A Gentleman’s trailer looks like a commercial Hindi film and has a lot of action as well…

Picking up A Gentleman was pretty easy. It had everything that I like watching in a film. And it has everything that audiences like to see me doing. People liked me doing action in Ek Villain and Brothers, they saw my romantic side in Kapoor And Sons, they saw me doing comedy in Hasee Toh Phasee. This film has got all the three elements, which are very, very exciting. I have also liked Raj and DK’s work because they come in with a lot of humour and have a great point of view towards a scene. They keep saying that they are audience-turned-filmmakers. Their take on everything is very unique. I found that really interesting. It was a win-win situation. It’s a commercial entertaining two-hour film and I am waiting to show everyone my film. It’s going to make you laugh, there’s an element of thrill and romance as well.

Would you like to take up a full-fledged comedy film?

I would definitely like to do something like that. It would be great. It’s just a matter of getting the right script, which adds humour to the story and the character. I would love revisiting something like Hasee Toh Phasee, which was also very funny. I like that zone.

Is there anything on the radar now?

So far, these are the three films I have signed. So my hands are full and I am happy with the situation. Till next year January and February, I’m blocked. Let’s see what happens after that.

There are speculations that you and Jacqueline are a couple. How do you guys react to all of it?

(Smiles) Well, I can’t react on behalf of Jacqueline. But I feel people are appreciating our chemistry because there’s a friendship that exists. Jackie is one of the easiest and friendliest actors. You don’t need an icebreaker when it’s her. She is always chatty, always happy. I envy her happy nature. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. It’s a great quality. She’s extremely hard-working and loves to multitask. Also, we shot for A Gentleman for a long period of time in Miami, Mumbai, then Thailand, so the time we spent on the sets has got us closer and that’s what people are seeing. But that’s the whole point of doing a film — to find the chemistry entertaining.

You’re a shy guy. Does it become difficult to do intimate scenes?

In front of the camera, I don’t hold back from doing any kind of activity. Over the years, there has been a growth. I won’t say, I’m completely okay with everything, but keeping the personal judgment aside, I would do anything that the script requires and the director wants me to do. That’s what we did for this film, too. When you see the film, you will feel the passion between the two characters and understand the reason behind the scene, too.

Is it a remake of True Lies?

No, it’s not a remake. It’s an original script.

This isn’t the typical double role. Would you love to do a film where both of your characters interact with each other?

This film is a proper take on double roles. We had two interesting characters. Once you see it, then the answer will become more relevant. But doing double roles is exciting because it lends you a space to play two distinctly different characters in the same film. So, why not!

Ittefaq is a murder mystery. Usually thrillers don’t work too well. Will it be a risk?

We have not seen a murder mystery in a really long time and this is a complete whodunit. In Ittefaq I have an exciting character and it has got a lot of grey shades to every character. Potentially, it’s a great story and just see the line-up of producers — Shah Rukh or Dharma and BR Films, are backing it because they believe in the content. I think it will be refreshing because Bollywood hasn’t revisited this space for quite some time.

Was it working with Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary that made you say yes?

Neeraj has a vision. I can’t tell you what the story is, but it’s again an espionage thriller that I would love to go the theatres and watch myself. The story and script is outstanding because Neeraj is not just directing it, but he’s written it as well. He has got great storytelling, content, and some amazing characters. Aiyaary is no different — it’s about a mentor and protégé. It’s a zone I’ve never been in and there’s a nice message to it. Neeraj is very clear as a director and does a lot of work for the actors himself, making it much easier for us.

You play an army man in Aiyaary. As a kid, did you ever want to join the army?

Yes. My dadu worked in the armed forces, so I’m not alien to that world. Even now, some of my relatives work in the army and I have great respect for them. Somewhere in Aiyaary, we are also speaking about what the armed forces do, how important their work is, sometimes it goes unnoticed and as an average Indian, we don’t even realise what they have to go through every day. Because of my background, I have great respect for everyone — be it the BSF, the army or the navy officers or the air force. I’m happy I play a character like that today, which also speaks all that.



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