Sound Sleeping: How To Get A Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is an important restorative state that is imperative to one’s health.

Unfortunately, our busy schedules make this part of our day the one that becomes neglected the most. A good night’s rest can help us achieve our New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking or career goals. Science has shown a link between sleep deprivation, self-control and willpower, all key elements to any successful goal you make for yourself this year.

Now that the New Year has begun, it’s time for everyone to hit the reset button so you’re not counting sheep each night and you can start to enjoy a blissful slumber.

Tips for a good night’s rest

  1. Turn off the television up to one hour before bedtime
  2. Read because it helps calm the mind
  3. Take a hot shower or warm bath before bed to help relax your muscles
  4. Consider a magnesium supplement: it’s an antidote to stress and one of the most well known relaxation minerals that can help improve sleep
  5. Start setting your alarm clock and give yourself at least 30 minutes extra for 2-3 weeks to get into a routine.
  6. Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep for adults. Children should be getting 10-11 hours

How Your Pillow and Mattress Impact Your Sleep

So now that you’ve changed your sleep habits, it’s time to look at your mattress and pillow. The National Sleep Foundation did a poll in 2011 that discovered 92% of people rate a good mattress is important to getting a good nights sleep.[1] Despite this, so many of us suffer from lacklustre sleep because of a poor mattress or pillow. Sleep greatly impacts work productivity, mood, energy levels and so much more.

Choosing a good mattress

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 1.35.09 PMIf you wake up with aches and pains that were not there when you went to bed, it may be time to get a new mattress. A supportive and comfortable mattress is crucial to providing us with a restful sleep. A mattress that is too soft can place asymmetries in your spine and not give proper support. The ideal mattress is one that distributes pressure evenly throughout your body. The amount of firmness labelled on a mattress is subjective, so even if it reads “medium-firm” this can be soft for a 250 pound male, so it’s definitely recommended to test your mattress for a good 20 minutes in the store.

Test your pillow

pillowThe human head is very heavy, about 8-10 pounds, so when looking for comfortable sleep, this should include a proper pillow. A good pillow allows support for your head, neck and upper back muscles so they can get rest.

Sleep is an important aspect of your overall health – both your body and mind rest and refresh while sleeping. If you have continued difficulty getting a good night’s rest, consult a health professional that can help identify the problem and find solutions.