Spotlight: Designer Nisha Haroon Merges Social Issues with Fashion

Toronto Designer Nisha Haroon Mixes Fashion, Film, and Social Commentary On The Runway

Nisha Haroon, former Miss India Norway and model, was born and raised in Norway and arrived in Canada a little over a year ago to further her studies in community development and to enter the Toronto fashion scene. Armed with her passion for social justice, Nisha’s vision is to mix together fashion, film, and performance as a medium for social commentary. “Courage by Nisha” serves as a platform of expression. Each collection is inspired by both her Eastern South Asian culture and her Western Norwegian culture. They serve as a symbol and statement of the mind’s state of non-confinement – a safe haven for the individualist.

Nisha’s first Menswear collection, “Connect With The Warrior Within”, made its debut at Fashion Art Toronto last year. Inspired by the courage of the ancient Samurai and Sikh Warriors, the collection focuses on the importance of mental health and how we must find strength within ourselves beyond the physical battle. Nisha hopes that with this collection, people will be able to see the arts of the warrior and embrace honour, pride, and inspire others to embody the same courage — to awaken the warrior within to fight the stigmas of mental health. “Let men speak about their vulnerability and still be men, let women be fearless, and still be considered feminine.” The focus of the collection is to birth that inner courage, so you can embrace the warrior that you truly are.

Nisha’s second collection, “Your Love” launched this past April and is dedicated to the love of her life. Her message is about celebrating love in a world where love is treated too casually and too rare. This collection is inspired by South Korean k-pop culture along with Versace’s unique passion for beauty. The determination, the rise, the silence, the resilience and the strength to keep fighting for love is the very essence of this collection. With this line, Nisha aims to inspire others to have the courage to love. After the incredible show, Nisha sold out the entire collection in less than a day and a Japanese retailer will be featuring it in Tokyo.

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