Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Canada’s intense and often volatile weather can prove to be a challenge when we are getting dressed. Closet space is precious, so many of us pack away our off-season wardrobe staples.

Here are some tips for keeping your closet clean while you stay comfortable and chic, no matter the weather:

Keep it organized. Stow away your off-season clothes in clear, air-tight plastic containers or vacuum storage bags. These are relatively inexpensive and will prevent moisture getting in, stopping musty smells and mould from clinging to your clothes. It will also help you identify what you packed and where.

Don’t pack it all away. Keep some staple pieces handy so being ready for a chilly, late-spring day is easy. For example, a chunky knit will keep you warm over a floral dress.

Keep on top of your laundry. It’s important to make sure clothes are clean and fully dry before they get packed away for the season. If you’re in the market for new appliances, LG’s SmartThinQ washers and dryers can be controlled from your phone while you’re away from home. The app will notify you when your cycle is done, helping keep your spring cleaning on track.

Clean out your closet. You can part ways with old or ill-fitting clothes by donating them to charity. Throw away old underwear and socks and sweep out your closet’s floor and shelves to keep them tidy.

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SOURCE: News Canada