Sprout Collection, The Infinite Closet Every Girl Has Dreamed Of

Every Girl’s Dream Closet Come to Life with Sprout Collection

“I have nothing to wear” – said every girl, ever. No matter the occasion, whether it be workwear to business casual to cocktail; we always find ourselves in the same situations over and over again. An infinite closet, where you have unlimited options for every occasion, has always been a dream. Luckily, Sprout Collection has it figured out for us.

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In this millennial world, clothing subscription services are the newest trend. Instead of making your way over to a crowded mall, a box of clothes gets mailed directly to your door. Depending on the service, you have a couple weeks to enjoy and wear the clothes before you exchange the box for a new one. Sprout Collection allows you to do just that. Once you select your favourite pieces from an online curated collection of international designers, it gets shipped to your door in a matter of days. Once you’ve spent a month with your dream outfits, you simply select your next couple of pieces and exchange the garments. 

What sets Sprout Collection apart from other clothing subscription services? Lim wanted to focus on maternity fashion. As a mom-to-be, your body changes every single day. With Sprout Collection, your wardrobe can evolve with you. Dressing in brand new designer labels practically every month to accommodate a growing baby bump can really add up. And what do you do with the clothes that you’ve barely worn but no longer fit? With a rental maternity subscription service, the outcome is a fashionable lifestyle that comes with an affordable price tag and wiser fashion consumption choices.

Sprout Collection is founded on seven core values: Sustainability, Quality, Fashion, Value, Convenience, Community, and Identity. “My mother has always instilled in me the philosophy of buying less and using more. This means making conscious and deliberate consumption choices, eschewing poorly made goods and investing in quality pieces”, says Toronto-based founder Joyce Lim. Finding a way to intersect fashion and sustainability is Lim’s goal. This slow-fashion model allows women to wear the trendiest outfits without the commitment.

Now, Sprout Collection has gone beyond maternity fashion and has beautiful, high-quality clothing for all women. Need a designer cocktail dress for that fancy dinner? A brand new outfit for your blog? Whether it be party, business, or everyday wear – Sprout has you covered.

“The Sprout Woman is bold and fearless. She is confident and empowered, yet effortless. She is free to choose, free to express her individuality. She chooses equality and sustainability. She chooses to own the moment, not the clothes. She is revolutionary”. #WomenofSprout

Learn more at sproutcollection.com or visit their Instagram, @TheSproutCollection.