Step by Step Guide to the Perfect Winter Boots

As the arctic like temperatures becomes regularity, mastering the skill of pairing a great boot with everyday ensembles becomes a necessity. Living in Toronto, I have no choice but to make my collection of UGGs a part of me. Trust me – this isn’t something I’d particularly like to settle for. Ideally, a variation of winter bottoms that keep me snug yet stylish would be flawless. So join me as I take you on my Canadian journey of finding the perfect boot.

I don’t know about you – but comfort for me is priority. When it is cold, staying warm overrides everything. So style and sleekness goes out the window. Okay not completely and maybe I’m exaggerating BUT a heavy warming shoe like an UGG is the greatest acquisition. It’s important to make sure that you are not wearing bulky gear with these, but a more fitting yet comfortable outfit. The fact that these are so ridiculously thermal might be worth the price tag – honestly – you don’t even have to wear socks with these babies.


Depending on where you live, icy conditions might vary. But with -20 degree temperatures, everything is like a skating rink. Life in the summer, without ice and heels is hard enough for me so attempting to pull off platforms with such cold situations is nearly impossible. With that said, flat boots, specifically ones that rest over the knees are my fave! The pointier the toe, the better!

For nights out when you need something a little more chic and less frumpy, turn to the highly stylish bootie. Booties add the tiny height you need, but stop at your ankle so it doesn’t take away from your outfit as much as an over the knee would. Booties are easy and usually more affordable than a bigger boot.


Lastly, the essential boot every chica needs in her closet is a heeled under the knee, pointy or not. This sexy and slender shoe has to be the most timeless. It’s seriously so versatile, as it can be paired with casual or dressy guises.

So as you venture out in search of the perfect boot, know that no one pair will do the trick when trying to achieve so many different looks. Purchase accordingly based on your circumstances (weather, etc.,). As for me, I’m fine and well in my UGGs for the next…4 months? Happy booting!