Stop Nasty Bruising in Its Tracks

Summer is our favourite season to throw all caution to the wind, so the last thing we need is an unexpected accident or a bad bump to stop us in our tracks when hiking, cycling, picnicking, or simply beautifying our homes inside and out. Even minor collisions with a hard surface can cause swelling, pain, and unsightly bruising.

The discomfort is enough, but when you add the discolouration of a bruise that continues to spread on the skin for hours afterwards, it’s annoying for adults and particularly distressing for kids. Bruising occurs after a rupture of the underlying blood vessels, so the key to controlling the size of a black-and-blue welt is to encourage resorption of the leaking blood back into the surrounding cells and tissues. Here are some steps for that:

The first thing to do, advisers say, is clean the skin gently where the impact occurred. Reduce the swelling and control the bruise by applying a cold pack or cold compress. Keep the area cool for 20 to 30 minutes but be careful not to freeze the tissues causing further damage. Elevate the injury while resting for several minutes or until the initial pain and swelling subside.

Time-tested homeopathic treatments such as Arnicare creams, gels, and tablets are also popular for controlling bruises on adults and children alike. According to the product website,, the naturally-sourced active ingredient is extracted from a pretty mountain plant called arnica montana. It has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and to aid in the resorption of blood from ruptured vessels. While the product is often used by patients to diminish bruising and inflammation after plastic surgery, it is also meant for family use, guided by the label directions. For example, the tablets are absorbed under the tongue – and the topical treatments are to be massaged into the skin three times per day.

Quick action is invaluable for keeping nasty bruises at bay, especially measures that will calm the nerves, reduce the pain – and will quickly restore, in the summertime, our good-looking skin.

These homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.