Storing Your Child’s Artwork for Later

You feel a sense of pride when you see how artistic your child is with their arts and crafts. But sometimes the school over plays the artwork card and your home are overflowing with craft work. So instead, you as a parent can boost their self-esteem by framing, collecting said artwork, sending them a clear message that you’re proud of their work.

Before you chuck them away, we can help you save, store and get your artwork organized without losing its charm and maybe after a decade or two sell it off as masterpieces (you can see a big amount coming in).

Throw it out.

Yes, let’s begin from the bottom. We know each artwork created by your genius child but let’s face it you CANNOT keep everything. Sit down, sift throw the humongous pile and start chucking them away. Trust me it is good for your soul. Give your kid the credit he/she deserves; you could hang it on the wall or place it on the fridge. Once it loses its essence just dump them away in the bin.

Display them.

Acknowledgment is very big for your kids. It is the natural pill to boost their self-confidence. You could have a section of in their room dedicated to all their artwork. You could call this place – “My Creations”. Frame them, put a spotlight on them and before you know it, your child will start churning out really cool and imaginative stuff. They could also help in creating quirky little frames too.

The monthly/annual box.

So you are not able to part away with these items. It is hard for a parent, we all agree. So instead of throwing them into a bin, you can adopt the boxing system. This way after every quarter; you can take down the artwork and store them in a box.

Go digital.

Ah yes, we are in the age of smartphones, tablets, and the list can go on. Every Tom, Dick and Harry posts his/her achievements on social media. With this method you can save a huge chunk of physical space and create your album on your laptop with ease.


Another way of storing your child’s artwork is by simply sharing. Remember how people used to keep in touch with each other? Do greeting cards strike a chord in your mind? Then turn them into greeting cards. What grandmother wouldn’t love to receive a special drawing or painting from her grandchild?

Make it functional.

So by now you know your kid loves to create artsy stuff and they have the talent to do so too. Like having a personalized place mat in your house? All you need to do is choose one of your artwork and with a few stationary supplies, you can create magic. Why skip on this opportunity?

So what are you waiting for? Get out those art supplies and let your Rembrandt create some masterpieces. You can be sitting on a gold mine.

Artwork done by your child is always special. So instead of throwing them away. You could store them with us and re-visit those old cherished memories, eons later. It will surely bring a smile on your face.