Stress Less and Enjoy More

Make this holiday season different, make it a less stressful season. Isn’t that what the holidays should be about? Most of us get too caught up in all the cleaning, cooking, shopping, wrapping and decorating that in the end it leaves us exhausted. The holidays should be about relaxing and enjoying time with our loved ones. Here are some ways you can get into the right frame of mind for the holidays.

Firstly, every now and then step back this holiday season and re-evaluate. Are you enjoying yourself or are you just doing things for the sake of doing things. If you are not enjoying yourself then switch your path. Don’t take on things that you do not have time for.

Clean only what you need to clean. If you are hosting a party then clean only what the guests will see. Chances are that they are not going to see your closet or the inside of your kitchen cabinets. Also, start cleaning a week ahead, for example, you can start wiping the outside of your kitchen cabinets first.

If you are cooking then ask people to bring something. This way everyone is making one dish. Or you can try buying pre-made salad, desserts and appetizers.

Before you hit the stores make a list of everything you need to buy. Try limiting yourself to a few stores or try buying gift cards. Also, try online shopping; if you start early you can have everything on time.

When it comes to wrapping try gift bags, it is so much easier! Some stores also have free gift wrapping.

Don’t be the only one decorating. Make some hot chocolate and get the whole family involved. Kids love to help, yes it takes longer, but look at it as “family time”.

Now how about the most important person, YOU? Take some time out to do your nails, pick out your clothes for that big dinner, exercise, anything that makes you feel good. You deserve to look good and feel good!