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Prossy, a young mother from Uganda

This Mother’s Day, be sure to take the time and thank the mothers in your life. Many work full-time jobs in addition to being full-time parents. Some even go back to school in order to get a better job to provide for their families.

Although child-rearing may not always be considered formal work, it can be more rewarding than formal jobs for some. A parent’s desire to improve their family’s situation can be a difficult goal to achieve, and it becomes harder in areas of rampant poverty.

Prossy, a young mother from Uganda, can attest to this. Growing up, she was looked after by two generations of women, her mother and grandmother. Neither had an education past primary school, but Prossy believed in the power and possibility of education. She eventually made it through secondary school and won a scholarship to attend post-secondary education.

But after becoming pregnant during her first year of college, Prossy thought her chance for a better life would end. Many scholarship programs, especially those provided by government authorities in East Africa, do not allow young mothers to continue their studies.

Fortunately, Beautiful World Canada, a charity located in Toronto, stepped in. They worked with her to develop a plan which allowed her to take time off of school to have her baby and return the next year with her scholarship still available. Prossy’s efforts are now not only for herself, but for her child. Without the help of donors, Prossy would have been unable to continue with schooling, leaving her little hope of providing for her family.

Prossy is grateful for the generous Canadians who put so much faith in her abilities. “I promise I will work hard and hope I can succeed…I want [my children] to have a good life, a better life. That is why I am struggling to get an education,” she says.

Beautiful World Canada focuses on providing college and university scholarships to young women in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. This organization believes in the potential of women, empowering people like Prossy to get a second chance at life and end the cycle of poverty.

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SOURCE: News Canada

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