Superheroes & Slots: A World of Super Women

Even though most of us are used to talking about male superheroes, the fact remains that the comic book world would be a dull place without the powerful women that are a part of it. Whether it is the villains or the crime-fighting superstars, women are at the forefront and slowly gaining more prominence and space on the pages of comic books. Superwomen are not just limited to the world of comics and movies. From business to sports, and even the famous YouTube Superwoman Lily Singh, women empowerment is seeing a whole new light of the day, and it’s only making the world a better place. An unexpected but noticeable place where women superheroes are popping up is in the gaming world, in particular online casinos where theme-based women characters are really making waves with their superstardom.



Sticking with the comic book theme, the Elektra slot highlights the Marvel superheroine who sometimes works with Daredevil, but is quite a character in her own rights. When playing in an online casino, often there are restrictions based on the country you come from. Even though you can play from anywhere in the world, there are legalities attached. Casinos like Euro Palace accepts Canadian players. But always check to see if your country is included in the acceptable list. This takes us to Japan and the many Japanese symbols in Elektra, including her swords that come up in the slots for some profit-making combinations. Plus, keep a lookout for that bonus game with a progressive jackpot.


Batgirl and Catwoman

Two of the most prominent female characters from the world of Batman, both Batgirl and Catwoman have fascinated fans for years. The Batman universe has spread out over TV series, video games, and movies over decades. However, one of the classic versions is the 1960s retro-tv series that is still watched by many with a sense of nostalgia. The 2017 Batman and Catwoman slot use the characters of the old series along with music, sound effects, and real photos to make for an enjoyable experience. The unique aspect of the slot is that while there are the usual five reels, the plays can range between five to eight slots per reel. Players also have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot and free spins with chances to take away instant prizes.


Wonder Woman

While the latest movie version of Wonder Woman might have reignited the interest in this powerful Amazonian superhero, one of her most cherished screen appearances is the 1970s TV series. Based on this nostalgic show, the Wonder Woman Gold slot has 40 pay lines and quite a big range of minimum and maximum bets, making it perfect for all types of players. Among the various symbols that pop up, there is also Diana, the alter ego of Wonder Woman. Although, the most fun is her various gadgets that include an invisible fighter jet, her belt, and boots.