Supporting Youth 6ixess – The Wolf Sneaker

The Central Toronto Academy (CTA) is a school that embraces 21st century learning, with the platform of teaching students to explore their talents, creativity and entrepreneurship.

CTA Arts Director Beckie Dileo is determined to encourage students to think outside the classroom and into the community. “The program goes beyond traditional arts programming.

Our goal is to inspire students to apply their creative skill set into real life experiences and build social entrepreneurship.”

The Media Arts design students created the 6ixess Academy, which has produced the emerging 6ixess-clothing brand.  The brand has made snap-backs, t-shirts, sweaters and more.

The 6ixess Academy mandate is to tale any of its earnings and reinvest back into the program, to continue building awareness and empathy around diversity, targeting homophobia and bullying.

supporting-sixessRecently the 6ixess Academy has formed a partnership with a few Canadian business and fashion leaders including Melissa Austria from Gotstyle, George Sully from Sully Wong, Roger Gingerich from the Gingerich group to create The Wolf Sneaker.

“We did it for the kids,” says designer George Sully. “Everyone has a dream, this is a great way to help students understand that if you have the right people helping you facilitate them, those dreams can become a reality.”

Designed by the 6ixess students under the mentorship of Sully Wong, the Wolf Sneaker will be sold exclusively at Gotstyle. All proceeds of the sales will go back into the high school arts program, creating community connection assignments to help build social entrepreneurship.