Take It Off (Just A Little)

The new trend of disrobing is luxurious and restrictive, notes Rhea Varghese.

Martand ‘Mapu’ Singh, a revered elder of India’s textile revival movement, had once said, “A lady is never dressed in India; she is in a constant state of undress as she moves.” And the new trend of disrobing – clothes poised as if in a state of undress – echoes this.

It’s the next step from the ‘shrobing’ trend when coats, blazers and jackets were draped on shoulders. That was knocked off its perch for designer Demna Gvasalia’s disrobing trend – the right way to wear your coat is to hardly wear it at all. Showcased at the Balenciaga Fall 2016 last year, the trend is about zipping your coat only halfway and then peeling the top half off your shoulders.

Fashion bloggers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra (remember the trench dress at the MET gala?) have slightly shed their denim jackets, coats, parkas, cardigans and bomber jackets. This disrobing look is a look of drama, feels celebrity fashion designer and stylist, Surily Goel. “It can be fashioned by those attending events that call for fewer hand movements, like a casual dinner. Let’s leave it to the models walking down the ramp to rock this look and take it to new heights.”

Disrobing accentuates one’s upper body and shows some skin while appearing nonchalant. Off the ramp, this can be best achieved by styling your coat with a spaghetti or a bandeau top. According to fashion designer Nandita Mahtani, there’s a fine line between what’s stylish and vulgar. She says, “One must remember to draw that line so as to avoid showing excess skin.”

One trick is to keep it minimal when it comes to accessories. “Maybe a signature earring or a simple choker, but that’s it. You want your disrobing look to do all the talking. This is just another trend and won’t stay for long, so enjoy it while it lasts,” says Goel.

While this look is a big no to flaunt at work, it makes a bold statement for a casual affair at any time of the day. If you feel courageous, forget the jacket or coat, and the try the look with a button down shirt (just wear a bra or tank top inside). And remember to accessorise sparingly for maximum arm movements!