Tan On The Run

Organic mobile spray tanning for all skin tones

Tan on the Run works regularly with loyal clients, such as, Lady Gaga and Jessica Chastain. Notably, they worked on over 400 actors, including the main cast, for the most recent film in the X-Men franchise.

Tan On The Run is an organic, mobile-airbrush, spray-tanning service.  They are dedicated to delivering unrivalled results, provided in the convenience of your own home, office, hotel and/or set.  They use the highest quality, exclusive tanning-solutions and technicians, to ensure 100% satisfaction.  All of which have led them to be sought out by celebrities and media personalities alike.

Tan on the Run’s unique solution does not transfer to clothing, after showering.  Tan on the Run offers different grades of tanning but the most popular service that celebrities and clients choose, is the Express Tan because you can shower after two hours and head to your event, without a second thought.

Tan on the Run works with every ethnicity and when it comes to spray tanning, one of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to have a light skin tone, in order to enjoy the benefits. Some people enjoy the perks of a spray tan, to get darker but in most cases, this isn’t true. Most people are looking for the following: even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, camouflage scars and any other imperfections, which gives the overall look of a glow, rather than a dark tan.

Some fun facts about Tan on the Run:

As we are learning more and more every day, skin care is the most important factor in any beauty regime.  Why risk skin-damage in the sun, when you can get a quick and healthy glow in the convenience of your home?

For more information, please visit, www.tanontherun.com