The Beauty Connection

Every single day we are eating, drinking, breathing and applying toxicity, both knowingly and unknowingly, to our bodies.

How does this affect us? These hidden toxins can trigger a host of symptoms, like mind fog, slow digestion, low energy, fluctuating moods and elevated hunger. These reactions then lead to all sorts of long-term problems, ranging from hormone disruption to cancer.

The good news is that all of this is preventable with the right education and guidance.

For those of you with good intentions for your health and fitness, healthy living advocates Meher Pavri & Dr. Rhea Mehta invite you to get a REAL start on your clean life!


The Beauty Connection

The Beauty Connection is an inner glow work + play shop specifically designed to cleanse you, fuel you, and leave you empowered from the inside out!

On Sunday May 3rd in Toronto, yoga instructor Meher Pavri and toxicologist and detoxification expert Dr. Rhea Mehta will be offering a 4 hour work and play shop called The Beauty Connection, which includes:

  • facilitated intention sharing and chaga tea ceremony
  • hands-on clean eating and beauty workshop with demos, recipes & feast!
  • guided meditation practice and rejuvenating yoga class
  • reflection writing exercise
  • tools and techniques to support the integration of new habits
  • nutrition and detoxification Q&A session!

We’ll also be giving away goody bags to each participant and giveaways from our favourite local, health-promoting companies: Prana Bio, world SALON, Wellibox, Buhbli Organics, Passport to Prana and Nudy Patooty. These companies are worth celebrating! Their mandate is to provide us with healthier alternatives and we can’t help but love them up.

For tickets and more info:

We are offering $25 off to FUSIA readers with the promo code: LivingRheaVIP

But hurry up because spots are limited!


Healthy Living Advocate Bios

Rhea Mehta, PhD is a doctor of Molecular Toxicology & Nutritional Biochemistry, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a published author and life hacker. She created Living Rhea to empower people to self-heal by teaching them how to utilize the body and mind as tools for health recovery, restoration, and rejuvenation. As a conqueror of Western-diet related disease and proponent for clean, holistic living, Rhea downloads her strategies for others to use as an empowering guide, through education, self-care practices and balanced recipes. When she’s not experimenting in her kitchen, Dr. Rhea can be found sharing her knowledge both online and offline, in the form of 1-on-1 coaching, workshops, urban retreats, global conferences and festivals, videos, social media and written content. She is a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, and is currently working on her latest project, Cleanse To ClarityTM, a 4-week mind-body detox program. Visit her website to learn more and to download her free juicing eBook!

Meher Pavri is a yoga teacher, opera singer, actor, model and former recipient of Miss India Canada. Meher has gone through the journey of understanding and feeling what it means to be beautiful, and through her experience, has taken a holistic approach to life and beauty. She fell in love with yoga at an early age, after being inspired by her classical Indian dance teacher. After dance class she would insist on learning a few poses here and there to stretch or alleviate any pain. Her interest in yoga grew over the years and in 2008 she completed her teacher training. Since her certification, she has been teaching yoga and meditation at a diversity of studios and schools. Her style is influenced by many different traditions and by her expertise in Opera singing, but her motto remains: “do what feels good to you.” When she’s not in rehearsal or auditioning for her next performance opportunity, Meher can be found teaching at Boho City in Toronto, and motivating the masses online over social media. For more information see and