The Face Shop – White Seed Collection


As someone who is cursed with sunspots and some hyperpigmentation on my skin – yes too many years of tanning does show up eventually – I am always looking for the perfect product to fade the spots, even my skin tone and give me a bright glow. When I first was introduced to The Face Shops White Seed Collection I was hesitant as I didn’t necessarily want whiter skin but I was assured its more a matter of brighter so I gave it a try.

There are tons of products on the market especially from Asia that list whitening. Whitening your skin IS NOT skin bleaching or making your skin literally the colour white. You will only become whiter if that is your natural skin tone. Whitening enhances your natural skin tone by making your skin tone even, fading acne scars and pigmentation on your skin, and giving you an overall brighter complexion. Whitening your skin just makes you look more alive and radiant!

white seed 3 stepsThe collection is sold as a 3-step process but it’s actually 4 if you buy the special cleanser but it is optional. After cleansing your skin you apply the White Seed Toner. I have always stayed clear of toners as I don’t like that dry tight feeling on my face, but this one was really gentle and soft. You then apply the Essence which has an ingredient called Hexylresorcinol that is supposed to be 1,000 times more effective than the whitening powers of vitamin C. Finally you gently massage your face with the Lotion that creates a whitening and moisturizing barrier to keep your skin radiant and hydrated.

All three products smell amazing, my skin felt softer and looked more radiant. Some of the dark spots on my face didn’t fade too much but I did have a soft glow and my skin wasn’t dull.

The Face Shops White Seed Collection is gentle, easy to use, smells good and my face is really brightened! If you are seeking brighter, even-toned skin that is not dull, give it a try!

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